It brings me great pleasure and joy to mention that the Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal has reached a milestone of 50 years of outstanding service. Firstly, I want to express my gratitude to the members and supporters of HRA for their trust in me and for electing me as the Chairman of the association without any opposition. This year, as we celebrate our Golden Jubilee, I want to assure you that HRA will continue to do excellent work in the mountains of Nepal. 

We will continuously improve the medical facilities at our aid post in Manang, Pheriche, and the Everest-ER Medical Camp at Everest Basecamp. This is a commitment I make to you. HRA has always supported the efforts of the Nepal government in the Himalayas, especially when it comes to providing medical care and ensuring safety in the mountains. As part of the current Executive Committee, we are dedicated to maintaining positive relationships with all embassies and consulates in Nepal, following the guidance of the MoCTCA's Department of Tourism.

Now is the moment to extend the life-saving efforts of HRA to other mountain regions in Nepal, like the Manaslu area. To begin with, we will conduct a feasibility study and we will engage in discussions with HRA supporters and stakeholders about establishing an Aid-post in that region. Let's unite and work together to establish a medical facility in Manaslu!

We highly appreciate the dedicated efforts of the HRA staff and volunteer doctors, as they are the foundation of our organization. With their valuable expertise, we will ensure that safety information reaches a wide audience. We will organize trainings and lectures on Mountain Sickness to increase awareness. Also, we will focus on publishing a "Souvenir Magazine" that showcases the history and accomplishments of HRA since its establishment, in celebration of our Golden Jubilee.

Damber Parajuli
Chairman (2023-2026)

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