January 5, 2021

Installation Ceremony – 2020

An Installation Ceremony (handing & taking over Charge) was held at Embassy Restaurent at Panipokhari, Kathmandu on Thursday 31st December, 2020 (2077.9.16).

During the ceremony, Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Letknath Gautam distributed the certificates of being elected to the newly elected Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members. Newly elected HRA Chairman Mr. Hari Prasad Dharel took “Oath” in front of Chief Electoral Officer. Other Office Bearers and Executive Members took oath in front of the newly elected Chairman Mr. Hari Prasad Dharel.

Out going Chairman Mr. Narendra Deo Bhatta handed over the “Hammer”, the symbol of charge to newly elected Chairman Mr. Hari Prasad Dharel. Likewise, outgoing Secretary General Mr. Prithbi Shrestha handed over the book of Minutes, registration Certificate and other Official documents to newly elected Secretary General, Mr. Shreeram Khatri. Treasurer Mr. Shreeram Khatri handed over chaque to the newly elected Treasurer Mr. Sushil Krishna Adhikari of HRA.

Chief Guest, Mr. Rudra Singh Tamang, Director General, Department of Tourism distributed the Plaque of Honor to the out going Office Bearers and Executive Members.

During the program, newly elected Chairman Mr. Hari Prasad Dharel extended commitment to work for HRA in full responsibility. Chief Guest, Mr. Tamang, appraised the work being done by HRA in the mountain. He also assured that the government will be always there to support HRA.

“Vote of Thanks” was given by Vice Chairman Mr. Kumar Ranabhat. He expressed the gratitude to all concerned for their cooperation and positive support to make this ceremony Successful.

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