March 1, 2022

With high appreciation, The HRA Pheriche Lecture Hall construction has been completed with the support from Human Outreach Project (HOP)-Nepal on behalf of Human Outreach Project – USA. Mr. Fur Geljen Sherpa, Chairman of HOP- Nepal took the great initiation to build the Lecture Hall at HRA Pheriche Aid-post. The HRA Pheriche activities have been already started through this newly built lecture hall such as providing talks on altitude illness to the trekkers, mountaineers, guides and porters etc. The lecture hall building is built as earthquake proof technology so that the space can be used as treating patients in case of large scale disaster situation in the region. The HRA is very grateful to receive such a great support from Human Outreach Project – we are in the same path of saving the life of the people in the mountain!

It is very proud moment for us to mention that Human Outreach Project re-built the HRA Manang Aid-post building in 2018. The old HRA Manang building was quite badly affected by the devastating earthquake in 2015. It was possible to rebuilt HRA Manang Aid-post building only because of your support. HRA Manang Aid-post is providing the health facilities from this modern new building now.

With great pleasure, we are very excited to announce that HRA Pheriche Aid-post building is going to be re-build with extra space and comfort comfort soon with the help from Human Outreach Project.

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