February 11, 2023

Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal and Technical Rescue International, UK organized training to operate Drone flight especially in search and rescue mission was successfully completed recently (9-11 Feb. 2023). The Search and Rescue Drone Pilot Course covered the theoretical and practical prospective of the Drone operation. Instructors Mr. Darryl Ashford-Smith and Mr. Tom Hales provided the extensive training sessions to the participants. Our very active participants from HRA, Helicopter long line specialist, Nepal Police Disaster Management Office, River Rescue instructor, Mountain Guide and Rescue Instructor were introduced to Search and Rescue Drone Pilot Course. 

Mavic 2 Drone was also kindly donated to the Himalayan Rescue Association. Chairman Mr. Hari Dharel speaking to the Drone handover program expressed his appreciation to the Instructors from Technical Rescue International for providing very useful training. Mr. Dharel further expressed his sincere thanks for kindly donating the Drone to HRA. This drone will be very useful in disaster situation. Duo Instructors provided the certificates to the participants after the completion of the course and further said that this is the first course such a kind applied in Nepal. Technical Rescue International and Himalayan Rescue Association is going to work closely in the future.

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