Trekking Wisely

Another video film ‘Trekking Wisely’ was produced with the joint assistance of The Banff Center for Mountain Culture, the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation (KMTNC)/ Annapurna Conservation Area Project and HRA.
‘Trekking Wisely’ delves into altitude sickness from the perspective of both trekkers and medical professionals. It equips people who plan to trek above 3,000 meter with knowledge to recognize, treat, and prevent acute mountain sickness and more severe forms of ‘High Altitude Cerebral Edema and High Altitude Pulmonary Edema.’

‘Trekking Wisely’ is not just about the hazards of the Himalayas. It also captures the magic and magnetism of the mountains in Nepal that draw people again and again. As people tell their stories in the backdrop of the tallest mountains in the world, ‘Trekking Wisely’ makes you want to get out your walking boots and go, knowing that you’ll return safely.Nepal is renowned as one of the most beautiful trek destination, but sometimes high altitude sickness makes it a dangerous place to be. Every year some unaware trekkers and porters die because of altitude sickness. The causes of the sickness can be prevented with a little bit of caution and preparation. That is where this vedio film becomes helpful.

Talk Programmes about Altitude Sickness
HRA conducts regular talk programs about altitude illness at its Kathmandu office, and at its aid posts in Manang and Pheriche during the spring and fall season. It is conducted free of cost to make trekkers aware of the high altitude sickness and other difficulties they may face while trekking. The talk programs have been useful in preventing altitude sickness and other high altitude hazards. .Interested persons are welcome to participate in the talk programs that will be held in March, April and May, and October November and December. Please, contact HRA for further information.

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