43rd Annual General Meeting

43rd Annual General Meeting

The 43rd Annual General Meeting of Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal (HRA) was held on Friday, August 25, 2017 (2074.5.9) at…

Helicopter Rescue

Helicopter Rescue

Many helicopter companies can provide evacuation by Helicopter for severely injured or ill people. However, someone in Kathmandu must guarantee…

HRA Provided Medical Support to Cabinet Meeting held at Kalapathar

HRA Provided Medical Support to Cabinet Meeting held at Kalapathar

Hon’ble Prime Minister, Madhav Kumar Nepal led government held a historical Cabinet Meeting at Kalapathar (5281 m.) on December 4,…

 Installation Ceremony – 2017

Installation Ceremony – 2017

An Installation Ceremony (handing over and taking over of Charge Ceremony) was held at Hotel Kaze Darbar, Kamal Pokhari on…

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HRA Newsletter

HRA Newsletter March 2017

HRA Newsletter March 2017

Issue 6 | March 2017 | Vol. 5



EBC Contributors

Name List of Contributors to EBC Medical Clinic for Spring Season 2017

Name List of Contributors to E…

01 Expedition Himalaya.Com Pvt. Ltd. Lazimpat, Nursery Marga, Ka...



HRA News

HRA Welcomed to Newly Elected NATTA Executive Board Members

HRA Welcomed to Newly Elected …

The newly elected Executive Board Members led by Chairman Mr. C.N. Pan...



HRA Executive Committee Member Call on Tourism Secretary

HRA Executive Committee Member…

On Thursday, 2074, 12.15 (March 29, 2018), the Executive Committee Mem...



HRA Executive Committee Members Calls on Tourism Minister

HRA Executive Committee Member…

The Executive Committee of Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal were cal...



HRA Aid-posts are Opened  for Spring 2018

HRA Aid-posts are Opened for …

HRA Manang & Pheriche Aid-posts are now open from 25th  March...



Australian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Peter Budd visited to HRA

Australian Ambassador, H.E. Mr…

Australia Ambassador to Nepal, H. E. Peter Budd visited  HRA Head...



test news

test news

Donation of SkyHook

The Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal received a donation of SkyHook Rescue System on 20th January, 2015. Mr. Terry Ascherin President of SkyHook Rescue System provided two sets of SkyHook equipments to HRA. Mr. Terry also provided a training to the climbers and rescuers about how to use this equipment. The training spot was chosen to Nagarjun rock climbing area to learn and practice the equipment and a day training was held. The equipment is very useful to rescue the person if someone falls in a crevasses or georges.

After the training, a handover ceremony was organized at the HRA office. Terry Ascherin handed the SkyHook Rescue System to the Chairman of HRA, during ceremony Chairman Mr. D.B. Koirala thanked Mr. Terry Ascherin for providing such important rescue equipment to HRA. He also mentioned that HRA will use this equipment when needed.

Mr. Terry Ascherin mentioned that he was very happy to provide the equipment to the Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal. He also mentioned that the equipment will be very helpful to rescue the victim in a faster and safer way. Terry also thanked the Chief Executive Mr. Prakash Adhikari for the co-ordination of this donation and training.

Gosainkunda Temporary Health Camp - 2014

The Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal has recently organized a temporary health camp at Gosainkunda, a famous pilgrimage site during Janaipurnima festival. The HRA has been running this free health camp to the pilgrims since 1997 to save the life of the pilgrims in this religious site. Gosainkunda situated at an altitude of 4,380m. is a very famous religious lake where it is believed that Lord Shiva reside to the lake to relieve his distress from swallowing the poison, and that he still rests in the calm of the divine lake. It is also believed that if one takes a 'holy dip' in the lake during Janaipurnima time, s/he would share a place in the heaven by the grace of god. Thousands of pilgrims from different parts of the country visit this sacred lake during Janaipurnima to take a holy dip into the lake every year.

As Gosainkunda is located at very high altitude region and pilgrims have the tendency of ascending fast, many pilgrims are very prone to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) and High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE). Pilgrims are not aware of the symptoms of AMS and other mountain hazards. They do not think that they are going to suffer from altitude illness; rather they feel that they have committed sin in their life that is causing sickness. With this superstitious belief, they try harder their attempt to visit Gosainkunda lake at any cost. As they do not pay attention to the symptoms of AMS (basically they ignore the symptoms) and keep going up higher, which causes them become very sick and some times may die. In this view, HRA operates a temporary health camp to the pilgrims for a free of cost at Gosainkunda during Janaipurnima festival every year.

This year in August 2nd, 2014 (17th Shrawan, 2071), a 9 member medical team led by Mr. Gobinda Bashyal, Officer-HRA, left to Dhunche and arrived in Gosainkunda on 5th August and started working from the same day until 10th August, 2014.

The HRA Health camp provided medical facilities to 788 patients this year. Among them 15 were seriously ill and helped them to bring down to lower altitude after the treatment at the health camp. We all know that the first treatment of severe altitude illness is descend. One young (early twenties) patient was even found unconscious due to HACE in a hotel, oxygen and necessary treatment was applied immediately and arranged carried down to lower altitude. Thank god he was saved!

Besides altitude illness (AMS, HACE, HAPE) cases, other medical problems such as diahhrea, injury, cuts, conjunctivitis, muscular pain, common cold, gastritis, other abdominal pain and problems etc. were treated from the health camp. There were couple of suturing cases also reported at the health camp.

HRA not only treating the patients but also disseminating the information about altitude illness by distributing the brochures written about Gosainkunda and Acute Mountain Sickness to the pilgrims so as to make them fully aware about the problems at high altitude. This brochure was so popular that there is higher number of brochures demand for the next year from the local authorities.

Likewise, HRA organized a talk program for the people of Bhaktapur and Madhyapur Thimi to provide them information about altitude sickness and Gosainkunda trek as this pilgrimage site is very popular in this region. Mr. Kumar Ranabhat, Mr. Gobinda Bashyal, Dr. Matiram Pun and Dr. Maniraj Neupane briefed the crowd and slide show presentation was carried out.

Last but not least, I admire the hard work that the team has done to save the life of pilgrimage; our Medical Team has worked all day and night. We can clearly say that if HRA team was not present, there would be couple of deaths every year. We are very grateful to the Mountain Medicine Society of Nepal (MMSN) for the great help providing such energetic and enthusiastic doctors team every year for the health camp. Continuation of such noble work is highly remarkable and happy to be a part of it.

Name list of Gosainkunda Temporary Health Camp Team 2014

1.    Gobinda Bashyal – Team Leader
2.    Bhuwan Acharya
3.    Dr. Nirajan Regmi
4.    Dr. Sujan Jamarkattel
5.    Dr. Shankar Raj Lamichhane
6.    Dr. Subarna Gautam
7.    Dr. Matiram Pun
8.    Dr. Ken Zafren
9.    Mr. Suman Acharya – Medical Student

May lord Shiva provide a good and healthy life to everyone, JAI HOS!!!

Gobinda Bashyal
Officer, HRA

Brief Report of Spring Season – 2014

HRA Aid-posts at Manang (3500 m.), Pheriche (4200 m.) and Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic (5300 m.)  are successfully completed for the Spring 2014 Season. These aid-posts have been providing medical services and rescue assistance to the trekkers, porters, guides and local people of the Annapurna and Khumbu region since last 40 years. Likewise, EBC Medical Clinic also has been providing health facilities to the mountaineers/climbers and their Nepali support staff since last 12 years. Pheriche and Manang both aid posts were closed on third week of May. This year EBC clinic was closed a month earlier due to the avalanche at Khumbu Icefall on 18th April, 2014, where 16 Sherpas lost their lives & all the expedition company cancelled their expedition.

Doctors volunteered at Manang aid-post:
1.    Dr. Michael Chitseng Wu, USA
2.    Dr. Frith Anne Dollimore, New Zealand
3.    Dr. Tatiana Havryliuk, USA
Doctors volunteered at Pheriche aid-post:
1.    Dr. Aishling Marguerite Jaques, UK
2.    Dr. Edith e/v van Amelsfoort Kortekaas,  Netherlands
3.    Dr. Jeroen Johannes Cornelis van Amelsfoort, Netherlands

Doctors volunteered at EBC Medical Clinic:
1.    Dr. Eric Johnson, MD, USA
2.    Dr. Brian Dale Gee, USA
3.    Dr. Suzanne Helen Mary Stokes, British
4.    Dr. Pranawa Koirala, Nepal
5.    Dr. Sanjeeba Sudarsan Bhandari, Nepal

Given below are the brief statistics of Medical Services provided from the Aid-posts and EBC Medical Clinic during Spring season -2014:

Spring  Season 2014            Manang Aid-post    Pheriche Aid-post       EBC (Data yet to come)
Nepali Patients                                                         327          
Foreigners                                                               197           
Total Patients                                                          524           
Helicopter Evacuation                                                 15           
Home Visit                                                                  1    
AMS Talk Attendees                                                  626        

Aid-posts are closed for summer season and will be open in Fall season 2014. EBC medical clinic will only be open next Spring Season 2015.

Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal

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