Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal (HRA) has organized a “Search and Rescue Operation” to find Dr. Saeid Bahallohareh a member of “Iranian Tilicho Peak Expedition –Autumn 2008” who was missing in Tilicho Peak on 28th October 2008 (2065.7.12). HRA co-coordinated the Search & Rescue Mission after the request of Iranian Team. Mr. Ngawang Ngima Sherpa, President of NMIA led the 12 member Search & Rescue Team including 7 Nepali Search & Rescue Member 1 Iranian & 4 Nepali Support Staff. Chairman of HRA Mr. Bikram Neupane co-ordinated this Search & Rescue Mission in cooperation with Mr. Mahmod Shoaei, Chairman of MFI. The Search & Rescue Team flew by MI 17 Army helicopter on 6th of November 2008 to Tilicho.

November 6, 2008
A 12 member search and rescue Team including 7 Nepali search and Rescue Member, 1 Iranian Member and 4 support staff as well a family member of the missing person flew from Kathmandu to near Tilicho Base Camp by MI 17 Army helicopter on November 6, 2008. The team carried all the food and necessary equipment to search and rescue mission. The helicopter dropped the search and Rescue team way bellow the Tilicho base camp so that the team had to walk all the way up carrying all the food and equipment and arrived at Tilicho Base Camp at 8.00pm on this day. Family member returned back to Kathmandu by the same helicopter.

November 7, 2008
The team started extensive ground search on this day around the possible area of Camp 1 (5,700m). A rucksack bag and a medical kit used by Dr. Saeid was found on that day. This was identified by Mr. Hosseyn, Iranian member. Inside the bag Passport size photograph of Dr. Saeid and his wife was also found. A boot with crampon was seen on the other side of the Craves on the foothill of the mountain.

November 8, 2008
On this day the search and rescue member looked very exhausted due to ascending very quickly and very hard work on 7 November. So the group did not go for search on this day but the search and rescue team moved the Base camp higher up. On this day, wife of Dr. Saeid went to Tilicho Base camp by a Charter helicopter. The Rucksack bag, first aid kit and photographs were handed to Dr. Saeid\'s wife by Mr. Hosseyn at Tilicho base camp.

November 9, 2008
The search and rescue team again conducted search mission on this day. A Boot with Crampon was found on this day. Tow Search and Rescue member namely Mr. Dorjee Lama and Mr. Lhakpa Sherpa Slept on Camp 1 for the preparation of ascending Camp 2 next day. Other member returned to Base camp.

November 10, 2008
On this day other member conducted search around camp 1 and Mr. Lhakpa Sherpa and Mr. Dorjee Lama climbed up to camp 2 and climb even higher up to 6600m. to the place from where Dr. Saeid fall down. They observed the place, took the picture and they think that the landscape looked 75 degree vertical down and the altitude he felt down was 850m.

November 11, 2008.
The search mission was conducted on this day around camp 1 around the possible area. Mr. Mohmoud Shoaei arrived Tilicho Base Camp by a Chartered helicopter on this day and he brought the Boot and crampon to Kathmandu.

November 12, 2008
Final search was conducted in the morning on this day and packing the equipment in the afternoon. The winter getting harder and weather become very bad. There were many avalanche hits around the search area. Two of the Search and Rescue member ran away just 20 m. from a big avalanche. Thank god they were saved. The level of snow was increasing day by day. The area became very dangerous so the search team realized that there would not be any achievement of further search and the team decided to stop the search mission for this time.

November 13, 2008
The search and rescue team returned to Kathmandu by MI 17 Army helicopter.

The search and rescue team conducted extensive ground search mission for 6 days reaching up to an altitude of 6600m. In such a short time which became possible due to all the strong climber recently returned from Everest climb and Manaslu climb. But the missing Dr. Saeid could not be found. It is expected that the missing person may have gone to the crevasses. In this winter season there is no any significance to try to search. It may be possible to appear the body during the beginning of summer season when the snow melts down.

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