23 October, 2017

Opening of the first Part of the Manang Aid-post building which was completed recently was conducted on 23rd October, 2017. Chairman of Human Outreach Project (HOP) , USA, Mr. Dean Cardinale inaugurated the Aid-post building by lifting the curtain and showing the commemorative inscription which was engraved in the wall of the Aid-post building. During the program, Chairman of Nesyang Rural Municipality, 4 No. Province, Mr. Tashi Phunjo Gurung honored Mr. Dean Cardinale with the plaque of Honor for his outstanding support in providing financial support to construct the Manang Aid-post building.

A 5 member team including Chairman of Human Outreach Project (HOP), USA representative of HRA and HOP Nepal was flown to Manang for the inauguration program. The team was warmly welcomed by the people of Manang including the Ama Samuha and the Youth Group of Manang by giving Khada.

After 15 minutes of walk, the team reached Manang Aid-post where a unique program venue was created at the courtyard of Aid-post building. Upon arrival program coordinator, Officer of HRA, Mr. Gobinda Bashyal invited the Chairman of the Manang Nesyang  Rural Municipality, Chairman of HOP, USA and representative of HRA and HOP Nepal to sit in the Dias. Mr. Hari Prasad Dharel, Coordinator of the Manang Aid-post building Construction Committee welcomed all the distinguished guests in the Opening Ceremony. Opening of the Aid-post building was carried out by the Mr. Dean Cardinale. Govinda Bashyal took a short tour around the building to the Chief Guest and returned to the Dias.

Chairman of HOP, USA, Mr. Dean Cardinale shed light and expressed the great satisfaction for the construction of medical Aid-post in the remote village of Manang which will play a vital role for the medical service to the needy people and he further said that he will continue supporting HRA for this construction project. Mr. Bachhu Narayan Shrestha, representative of HOP Nepal, spoke about the support of HOP in building this Aid-post. He further highlighted on the development and increase the facility at Manang Aid-post in the days to come. Welcoming the guest in Manang village, Chairman of the Nesyang Rural Municipality, 4 No Province, Manang spoke few words.  Vote of Thanks to the local people and guests was given by Chief Executive, Mr. Prakash Adhikari for making this program successful. The weather was fantastic in this beautiful Manang village which was surrounded by majestic mountains. The program went smooth and very well. Program was concluded and the 5 member team returned to Kathmandu.

Kumar Ranabhat


Publication & Publicity Committee



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