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Just after earthquake, we received a call from the Everest Base Camp ( EBC) Medical clinic, Everest ER, stating that there was a huge avalanche at EBC which blew out 300 tents, no actual information of how many were dead and how many were injured. As soon as we heard this information we came to HRA office and tried to contact some responsible government officials. Telephone lines were disturbed and busy. We decide to go to National Emergency Operation Center at the ministry of Home affairs at Singha Durbar. Many responsible government officials were gathered at the center. We said loud and clear that there is big disaster at Everest Base Camp and we need immediate helicopter rescue evacuation. We had information from EBC and Pheriche that there is very bad weather and no visibility but we continued to make our voice loud and clear to the government. Director General of Department of Tourism and HRA official went to the airport and collected the information on helicopters. That day with the help of government official, 6 helicopters were made to standby at Lukla airport and 7 helicopter stood by at Kathmandu airport. They were not able to fly without the permission of Government.

All of our equipments at EBC were damaged. Luckily nothing happened to our doctors and staff. Our doctors continued to provide medical service taking shelters at IMG,s tents. 65 seriously injured were given treatment by HRA doctors. They were transported to Pheriche Aid-post by a small helicopter. Pheriche doctors provided medical service to the injured. Not only the treatment of injured, they also had to deal with dead bodies.  MI 17 helicopter brought them to Lukla and send them to Kathmandu on 26th April.  

About 180 people were caught at Camp I and Camp II as the icefall route (Khumbu Icefall) collapsed. They were evacuated by helicopter on the 27th April. Later all the dead bodies were also transported down from EBC.

HRA doctors continued medical service but many expedition groups postponed their expedition and started to descend down. We had no shelter, no food and no medicine at EBC. Our doctors also descended down to Pheriche. In this way Everest Base Camp disaster was handled on time.  

Pheriche Aid-post was partly damaged. Plumbing system does not work and the wall of the two rooms fell down. Therefore Jeet had to sleep  in a tent, Gobi and Thaneswor had to be sheltered  in the sunroom. We continued to repair the damaged rooms. By chance some worker were working for the renovation of Pheriche aid-post (DAP Grant Project). We could use them to repair the damaged building to some extent. Some walls of the aid-post are shaky. The ancient roof of Pheriche aid-post is shaken which would have been more leaking. Pheriche aid-post needs more repair next season.

Even after the management of EBC disaster, HRA has been deeply involved in the search and rescue mission together with the Nepalese government. We are working 18 hours a day.

There were no trekkers and porters. Local people were also scattered to safe havens. We had no patients at our aid- post. HRA volunteer doctors were willing to help earthquake victims. We therefore decided to close the clinic.

With the help of HRA volunteer doctors, now we have a new project to go to Sindhupalchowk to provide medical service to earthquake victims. With the financial assistance of 3000 US $ managed my Dr. Remi Drozd, we have started to prepare a medical camp. We will move to Sindhupalchowk on May 6th for a week long medical camp.

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