Training on “High Altitude Medicine” for Health Professional represented from 15 remote mountain district of Nepal held at Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal (HRA) Head Office, Dhobichaur, Lazimpat, Kathmandu on  December 26 & 27, 2016 (Paush 11 & 12, 2073) This training programe was organized by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health, National Health Training Center (NHTC), Teku, Nepal and supported by the HRA.

In an inauguration and opening ceremony Chairman of HRA, Mr. D.B. Koirala welcomd all the participants and highlighted about the HRA. He also spoke about the problems encountered in the mountains of Nepal. Mr. Koirala said that this kind of training programme will help to save more lives in the mountains. Likewise, Mr. Shree Krishna Bhatta, Director of National Health Training Center, spoke on the importance of the training programme and co-operation with Himalayan Rescue Association. He further emphasized that this kind of training programme should be conducted every year.

After the Inauguration Ceremony technical session was started. Resource person such as Mr.Prakash Adhikari, Dr. Santosh Baniya, Dr. Bidur Pandit, Mr. Gobinda Bashyal presented on the following subject:
1.    Introduction of HRA and Mountain Rescue in    Nepal         - Mr. Prakash Adhikari
2.    Physiologic changes in high altitude and acclimatization         - Dr. Santosh Baniya
3.    AMS: pathophysiology, clinical features and treatment        - Dr. Bidur P. Pandit
4.    HACE: pathophysiology, clinical features and treatment       - Dr. Santosh Baniya
5.    HAPE:Patophysiolog, clinical features and treatment            - Dr. Santosh Baniya
6.    Pypothermia, Snow blindness, sunburn                                - Dr. Bidur P. Pandit
7.    Frostbite/Traveler’s Diarrhea                                               - Dr. Prativa Pandey
8.    Demonstration of PAC Bag and Oxygen                              - Mr. Gobinda Bashyal
9.    Trekking wisely video presentation                                       - Mr. Anil Shrestha
Guest Speaker Dr. Prativa Pandey also presented on Frost Bite and Traveler’s Diarrhea.

There were 30 Doctors and Health Assistant to take this training programme. This is a Training of Trainers. Those who took this training will conduct training programme at the respective districts from where they represented.

At the end of a session feed back programme and closing ceremony was organized, participants (doctors and Health Assistant) expressed that training is essential & useful for the medical professionals specially for those who work at the remote mountain area. Finally Chairman of HRA Mr. D.B. Koiralaa thanked all the participants and wish that the Doctors & Health Assistant to use the skills to save the lives of human beings in the mountain of Nepal.

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