A new facet in making the Himalaya a safe tourist destination is underway to be established in the near future, for which Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal, HRA is providing 600 sq. ft. space in head office building and 150 sq. ft. space for costumers’ service center at Thamel, a tourist hub in Kathmandu.
The newly established Emergency Response Center (ERC) will be well equipped and linked with satellite and network of well trained and fully equipped rescue teams. The center will monitor the activity of travelers, serve as a contact point for the travelers, and in case of emergency help activate the rescue operation within an hour. The center provides GPS to the interested travelers. ERC serves as a contact point for the travelers and they can ask for help at any time. At the development stage of the project, we are testing different GPS devices in different trekking routes of the Himalayan region open for foreign tourist. The approved GPS device will be in distribution charging some USD per device as rent and service charge which will help to make the project sustainable.


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